Our Mission

We are one of the “Innovative Start-up” founded in 2013 in Italy so let us talk about our future.
Why Nucleo? Simply because ‘Nucleo’ stands for the best mixing of Marketing, Engineering and Style competences.
This to support the growing of new ideas up to the concept phase and to the production/go life.
Very high managerial and economical skills will guarantee the feasibility of our developments.


Foundation Philosophy

We want to take part in the creation of a better World: more fun, more suitable and sustainable for us and for our children.
We enjoy listen to the Nature, we enjoy looking at the Sunset, we enjoy smelling the Sea.
We like to be part of this World and not only to colonize it.
We like to make it nicer and more fun. And we like to see people around us smiling.




Globalization and crisis are probably the most common words in the last 10 years, unlikely one after the other.
We prefer to speak about know how: we really think that people like us (but also like you) can overcome these periods using the know how to create new initiatives and solutions for mid and long-term future, expanding it as much as possible.
We want to use our know-how to win our and your challenges.

this is why we are licensee of an European Patent regarding a new exclusive concepts for a more fun and sustainable urban mobility and we want to bring it to production

this is why we are supporting and capitalizing know how in green mobility and in exclusive mobility for tourists/ceremonies

this is why we are supporting new infrastructures for public urban mobility


this is why we are very skilled people in energy efficiency, particularly for residential buildings

this is why we have strong IT skills in order to create smart solutions

this is why we have strong marketing competences in order to start every initiative from the market



All the people involved in our Company carried on challenging projects

in the following Industries:
Energy, Trading, Risk Management
Industrial Services

and in the following Fields:
Retail and Sales, B2B and B2C

Almost the 80% of the project we carried on has been successful projects in time, in budget and satisfying the Stakeholders' requirements.



Mobility and Energy Efficiency is where we see very high changes in the next ten years, so we would like to invest the 60% of our resources in these fields.

Tourism and services for tourists, biological products, entertainments, luxury products and services, high technological solutions, IT solutions are other field where we will invest 30%-40% of our resources.

Being an open mind Company we do not have problem into evaluate other area of Interests you can submit to us.


We like challenges, so we are very happy if you submit to us your challenge.

We will reply as soon as possible and within 15 days.





How take part to Nucleo - Special Concepts world


Nucleo – Special Concepts srl unipersonale is an Innovative Start-up and can recruit resources with Crowd founding. Today Consob in Italy authorized only Equity Crowd founding, a type of crowd finding that creates Corporate Governance problems.
For this problem every initiatives where third parties want to invest will have a profit sharing agreement or will generate a SPV where parties agrees on roles and profit or losses.
If you would like to invest in new initiatives, you can contact us and we will present the initiatives looking for investors or we will set-up a proper initiative for you.


Nucleo – Special Concepts s.r.l. unipersonale is an Innovative Start-up and can recruit people with temporary contracts or not. Today it is also permitted to have a quota of your salary paid with options fee on the Company results or on the results of a specific initiative.
Professionals can also be paid with success-fee options or in a standard way.
We empathize these topics because we want be part of the change the future will require in the business.
If you would like to work with us, you can submit your CV and your job position desiderata.


Nucleo – Special Concepts srl unipersonale
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Tel: +39 3498011742
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